The EU's new minimum wage Directive: Implications for Austria?


  • Sophie Schwertner University of Vienna



European Union, minimum wage, collective bargaining, social partners


The European Union aims to improve people's working and living conditions by establishing a framework for adequate minimum wages in the EU. In order to achieve this goal the European Commission has put forward a proposal on a Directive on adequate minimum wages in the EU. This article discusses the validity of the Directive's legal basis, provides an in-depth analysis of the main provisions and maps out its potential impact on Austrian labour law.

Author Biography

Sophie Schwertner, University of Vienna

Sophie Schwertner is a research assistant at the Department of Labour Law and Law of Social Security of the University of Vienna. Contact: This article is an extended and updated version of a paper published in Italian in 2021 (La proposta di direttiva sui salari minimi adeguati. Prime valutazioni e implicazioni per l’Austria, Diritto delle Relazioni Industriali, 2/2021).