• Franz-Stefan Meissel University of Vienna, Faculty of Law
  • Caterina Maria Grasl University of Vienna, Faculty of Law




The first issue of the VLR showcases its international and interdisciplinary focus. In the first article, Rosa Duarte and Clara Ifsits confront a question that is as sensitive as it is topical, ie the obligation Austria – and by extension, other European countries – may have to prosecute and punish returning ISIS fighters for the crime of genocide against the Yazidi community, both from the perspective of national public law and of international criminal law. The second article, by Sebastian Grund, deals with the Greek financial crisis and subsequent debt restructuring of 2012, and explores the possibilities and limits of enforcing sovereign debt in court. In the fourth article of this issue, Hannah Berger tackles the impact European and national legislation has on the use of toxic chemicals in the textile industry, and explores legal and extra-legal avenues of enforcing the compliance of textile producers and resellers. Finally, Maria Y. Lee confronts the thorny issue of categorisation in anti-discrimination law, proposing a solution that reconciles category-based legislation with the need for a broader and more inclusive perspective on discrimination.

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2018-09-21 — Updated on 2018-09-21